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Numbers, dates and facts – the "classics" of infographics. We have all seen an infinite number of bar and pie charts, but these must to be appealing to the eye and, more so, need to display data in a way specific to the topic as well as the target group.

Line chart + icons
body weight - meta­bolic rate

bar chart + Icons
Grafic for Study "neuro-enhance­ment with students", Uni­versity Zürich (Switzer­land)

Doughnut chart
"Most important reasons of reduction in retire­ment earning 2003"
for "Deutsche Renten­>versiche­rung" booklet

Line chart
"Strong emotions"
(Special edition "Wirtschafts­woche" - finance magazine)

Line chart + Key visual
targeted effect of pain killers
(in cooperation with Annette Gack)

Additi­ve chart
traffic investment
(Special edition "Wirtschafts­woche" - finance magazine)